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November 2015

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mayz does her business cards

I’m excited! I finally got around to designing my business cards, and here they are! I wanted to go with a basic logo, with just a little bit of something. I love the G and the E so this one was the winner! I…

November 28, 2015
mayz does hong kong
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mayz does hong kong

A few weeks ago I got on a plane from Sydney to Hong Kong¬†by myself. A friend was due to get married 10 days later and I though, since I was going to buy a plane ticket, why not go and spend 5 days…

November 28, 2015

mayz does Vickys Lunch with ACCF

My very good friend Nicky and I went to Brisbane yesterday to attend Vicky’s Lunch, a fundraising and awareness event for a cause which is very close to my heart – the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation¬†(ACCF).…

November 22, 2015