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December 2015

FairyClose - Happy Place Terrariums
inspiration mayz loves

mayz admires Happy Place Terrariums

I love plants. I LOVE them. I do tend to kill them though… I don’t mean to… I swear! I found these guys at the Finders Keepers market in Sydney last weekend and Ben had to basically rip me away from them… I want.…

December 20, 2015
inspiration mayz loves

mayz admires the clever Bridget Bodenham

I have been frequenting a lot of markets lately and have been lucky enough to discover many amazing artists from the land of Oz. I thought a nice way to honour them (since I can’t buy anything right now) would be to post about…

December 20, 2015

Sold, lets start phase two!

Wow, what a day yesterday was… we sold our apartment! At 10am I helped our agent show a family of two young girls and their parents through my unit, and they made an offer on the spot to take it with all the furniture……

December 15, 2015

Selling my apartment…. an emotional rollercoaster…

A few weeks ago we listed our apartment for sale in order to generate funds for our super-secret business venture. Unfortunately, the auction was yesterday and we didn’t manage to sell it, so it’s now listed as just “for sale”. It is so interesting how the…

December 13, 2015
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mayz does friends of the earth cafe

Today I spent the day in Fitzroy, Melbourne.. one of my favourite places! But the thing I have noticed about Fitzroy is that things open late. I was looking for a coffee and a snack so I wandered into Friends of the Earth Cafe…

December 9, 2015

mayz does the unexpected

I resigned from my job of almost 10 years the other day. Now is a time for change. I can’t go into too much detail yet… but big things are happening in mayz land at the moment. I am jumping head first into a…

December 5, 2015