Its all about the sunglasses.


I have worked in the charity fundraising sector for ten years transitioning through a variety of roles including telemarketer, receptionist, customer service manager and more recently communications manager.

In my most recent role I managed online and traditional communications, advertising, graphic design, web design; whilst managing a team of five and running a small internal mailing house.

That said, what I love to do is design layouts BURSTING with information! Which is why I am here!

I am also currently progressing through a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Media Studies in my spare time. I love learning about the ways humans communicate with each other!

I hold a diploma of design and several certificate 4 qualifications in business sales, frontline management and musical theatre, YES I like to try new things!

In short, I am a…

  • twenty-something
  • from Australia
  • I ❤  design
  • I ❤  study
  • I ❤  creativity
  • I ❤  yoga
  •  travelling
  • I ❤  animals (especially bunnies)

Let’s do this thing!

Use the links above to find the posts which tickle your fancy, and contact me if you would like to collaborate!

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