mayz does admiration for ‘Design Twins’

September 22, 2015
design twins pot

I constantly find myself inspired by small business owners who take a small idea and make it huge for themselves.

Since I first saw them on instagram I have desperately wanted to buy one of their pots. They recently opened a store in St Peters (Sydney) which I visited a few weeks ago and purchased the stunning pot above.

The two behind Design Twins have only been working on the project for a year or two, and their business has flourished into a gorgeous store full of green plants, amazing children’s items and concrete accessories.

Photo by Design Twins

The whole store inspired me so much, to the point that I hope to one day be able to find my own perfect paradise hideaway where I can work on things that I love and not have to push pencils to make a living.

You can check design twins out at

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