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A little duck keeps losing his hat… change is unpredictable.

January 19, 2016

More on the duck in a moment… I’m in a weird place at the moment. Big changes are coming and I don’t really know whats up or down and am feeling guilty for taking time to myself instead of maniacally working my butt off preparing for the big changes ahead.

I have just purchased a business in a new city which means up and leaving my job of 10 years (yeah, you read that right) and moving my family which includes my partner + two bunnies off to Melbourne town. It’s super exciting to be starting this brand new adventure, and also super stressful. We are preparing to spend a buttload of money, to buy into a business which will earn us less money annually then we currently earn working for someone else… I guess thats normal, it takes time to make things shiny.

Buying a business is weird. You get given a small amount of information and get experts to view it to make sure it checks out. But you never really know, it could all be BS. I feel confident I am OK in this department, but am keeping in mind that things may not be as they seem… Anyway, you commit to proceed, and then then, you get the lawyers involved and things go a little bit crazy.

All of a sudden there is this wall between the owner and yourself, and everything becomes a transaction instead of a conversation. I am at the stage where I finally have most of my ducks in a row, and they are all getting ready to put on their party hats, but they keep blowing off in the wind resulting in me waddling around picking up the pieces and trying to put them back on.

After the contract negotiations finish, and you exchange the contracts you have this weird period where you basically own this thing, but you cant touch it. Meanwhile someone else is caring for it on your behalf and you have no say in what is happening. It’s like having a baby and then getting a babysitter to take care of it for the first month whilst you watch instagram for updates. Relying on the honesty of others is hard, and I am lucky to be buying off someone who I do feel is trustworthy and honest, however it’s very difficult for me to let other people be in control so this part is definitely a learning experience for me.

So here I am, watching TV and blogging, feeling guilty that I am not doing more to prepare for this massive change even though there is really not all that much I can do. It’s super weird for me to sit still and be patient, I am not very good at it. But hey,  I have 7 more days at my old work to get through and then I am officially self employed! I should probably celebrate that at some point.

Anyway, I look forward to sharing this experience with you guys. I plan to use this blog to help me process information and help educate others looking to take the plunge into self-employment. I’ll be sharing the things I have learned as I go, and the super exciting things that happen in my new city, be it fun new food places, sights, happenings in the business and mental breakdowns. It’s going to be a rollercoaster, but monotony and safety is boring… lets shake things up a little!

~ may-z

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