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December 20, 2015
FairyClose - Happy Place Terrariums

I love plants. I LOVE them. I do tend to kill them though… I don’t mean to… I swear! I found these guys at the Finders Keepers market in Sydney last weekend and Ben had to basically rip me away from them… I want.


Happy Place Terrariums

Terrariums are pretty simple to make, follow the instructions and you are done. However, coming up with interesting and whimsical concepts to put into them can be quite another story, and these guys manage to do a pretty ace job of that!

Lyndall Stewart is the creator of these beauties, and has been creating them since 2012. These terrariums are born healthy, Lyndal says she creates great soil conditions with layering, drainage, correct pH, and activated charcoal to absorb bacteria and keep the terrariums fresh and happy.

According to Lyndall, you can pop the lid on a closed terrarium and it will water itself while you’re on holidays… This is probabaly what makes me love them most… since all my other plants tend to whither away from lack of attention or overwatering.

Some of Lyndalls creations are below, click on the images to go straight to her website and show her some love!

The Mykonos TerrariumFlamingo TerrariumGeometric TerrariumTall Geodesic terrariumClassic Coast Terrarium

You can visit their website at

Credit where credit is due: all images belong to the artist!

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