Sold, lets start phase two!

December 15, 2015

Wow, what a day yesterday was… we sold our apartment!

At 10am I helped our agent show a family of two young girls and their parents through my unit, and they made an offer on the spot to take it with all the furniture… I am considering that a compliment! That said… I am going to miss my kitchen!!!

We are one step closer to our super secret venture now… and getting closer by the day. Now my life is solicitors, banks and accountants whilst we sort things out for early 2016! Phase two is now underway.

Also, now is when the purge usually begins… you know the one where you look at every item you own and ask do I need this? I do it regularly anyway… but there is absolutely more to do which we still have time to do slowly without stress! New beginnings are the best.

I cannot wait to tell you about what we are planning on doing, and sharing this journey with you all. It is super exciting to be changing our lives next year, and hopefully it all works out as I am planning! I said to a friend today when signing away our apartment; “I am either embarking on the worst or the best decision of my life”… I guess only time will tell.

I am busting to share the news… please hold.

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