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FairyClose - Happy Place Terrariums
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mayz admires Happy Place Terrariums

I love plants. I LOVE them. I do tend to kill them though… I don’t mean to… I swear! I found these guys at the Finders Keepers market in Sydney last weekend and Ben had to basically rip me away from them… I want.…

December 20, 2015
colour palette

Colour Palette – Apples

Yum!!! I took this picture whilst at a market in Amsterdam and gosh they looked delicious! Nature just has the BEST colours! I’m really enjoying playing with colour palettesĀ at the moment, sometimes you don’t realise a colour is there until you play with the…

March 29, 2015
colour palette

Colour Palette – Bloom

Gosh nature is beautiful. Sometimes we forget to actually look at what we are seeing. Who would have thought that all those lovely colours in this palette would be found on one single plant. Palettes are a fantastic way of creating a colour scheme…

March 29, 2015